Early Returns

Health-Care Deals and the Gorsuch Fallout

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Dan Drezner on the Syria strike

2. Richard Pildes at the Monkey Cage on the fallout from the Neil Gorsuch nomination.

3. Louise Davidson-Schmich at Vox on women in Congress and in world legislatures

4. Jonathan Chait suggests a deal for Donald Trump and the Democrats on health care. Plausible! But if congressional Republicans opposed such a deal, they could kill it. Even if it passed, a lot of what's needed is administrative, and not only has Trump shown no evidence of administrative ability, but he's also hired people who are unlikely to be enthusiastic about (successfully) managing health care. And even with all of that, the things that made the Affordable Care Act unpopular might still hurt the party in office, which will be blamed for any difficulties people have with their health insurance. So I'd say it's more of a least-bad option than a solution for Trump.

5. Good one from my Bloomberg View colleague Francis Wilkinson on how presidential weakness hurts the president's party. Yup. 

6. And also from View: Timothy L. O'Brien reminds everyone that Trump puts family first

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