Arithmetic, Futility and Changing the World

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  • Raise Wages, Kill Jobs? Seven Decades of Historical Data Find No Correlation Between Minimum Wage Increases and Employment Levels (NELP)
  • Lopsided Stocks and the Math Explaining Active Manager Futility (Bloomberg); see also Sharpening the Arithmetic of Active Management (SSRN)
  • Yale Endowment Blasts Low-Fee Critics, Says Gains Would Lag (Bloomberg)
  • The 100 Year: A Take on the Century Bond (GMO); see also Chance for Smart U.S. Debt Funding Is Slipping Away (Bloomberg View)
  • What We Said When the World Changed (Collaborative Fund)
  • Tesla Has Something Hotter Than Cars to Sell: Its Story (New York Timesbut see Wall Street Is Making It Harder to Buy a Car (Bloomberg)
  • How Jeff Sessions wants to bring back the war on drugs (Washington Post)
  • Google’s war on fake news goes global: Search results now tagged "true" or "false" (ZDNet); see also Gaming Google for Profit and Ideology (Bloomberg View)
  • The ongoing challenge of content generation (and curation) (Abnormal Returns)
  • Oldest dust ever spotted in the universe seen in distant galaxy (New Scientist); see also Atomic Spins Evade Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (Scientific American)

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How much Amazon and Netflix spend on video content

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