Early Returns

Making Deals and the Dangers of Ignorance

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Seth Masket at Vox on the overrated effects of gerrymandering.

2. George Tsebelis at the Monkey Cage on why a president who legislates is playing a very different game from real estate dealing. Of course, Donald Trump wasn't necessarily any good at the latter, either. 

3. Greg Sargent has some interesting speculation on what Democrats could offer for a bipartisan deal on health care. The potential vulnerability of congressional Republicans is that Trump probably cares a whole lot more about making a deal -- any deal -- than he does about fighting for any policy ideas or general principles or constituency preferences. 

4. Dahlia Lithwick on how Neil Gorsuch looks after a rocky week for the president who nominated him. 

5. S.V. Date on the dangers of Trump's ignorance in foreign affairs. 

6. While Steve Benen has been tracking Trump's announcements of "new" U.S. jobs, which turn out to be old news from the Barack Obama administration. My question about this: Given that Trump really did have something to do with the Carrier deal back in November, has he actually followed that up with any new (supposedly) job-saving deals? At any rate, Benen is correct that Trump is only asking for trouble by credit-claiming this way, and even more so when he's bragging about his fictional role in long-completed (and announced!) decisions. 

7. Alyssa Rosenberg suspects our conception of the presidency and politics might have helped Trump win the presidency and now made it harder for him to do the job. I think that's fair -- but fictional conceptions of the presidency also give real-life presidents some opportunities, ones that so far at least Trump doesn't seem to have any idea how to capitalize on. 

8. And Xenocrypt on whether the geographic distribution of U.S. economic activity has changed. 

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