Confidence, Climate and Election Data

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Dan Drezner wonders whether economic confidence will dissipate along with Donald Trump's approval ratings. 

2. Anita Gohdes and Sabine Carey at the Monkey Cage on killings of journalists.

3. Scott Lemieux is always excellent on Obamacare and the Heritage Foundation's health-care reform plan

4. Molly E. Reynolds and Elizabeth Mann at Brookings on what the Trump administration can do to Obamacare by granting waivers to the states.

5. My Bloomberg View colleague Megan McArdle with a report from Utah about what the state is doing right.

6. Nate Cohn at the Upshot with a close look at 2016 presidential election data. He doesn't think turnout was the big effect.

7. And Vox's Dave Roberts on coal and the president's climate order.

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