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Hedge Funds: What's In a Name?

Here are your morning reads.

My Texas-based Taco Tuesday morning reads:

  • Jonathan Portes recommends the best things to read on Brexit (Five Books)
  • Bull Or Bear: Should Investors Still Care? (Barron’sbut see What are the 7 signs of a bear market? (USA Today)
  • Will The Rise of Factors Kill Factor Investors? (Irrelevant Investor)
  • Investors are easily swayed by a fund’s name, study finds (Evidence-Based Investor); see also Hedge Fund Flows and Name Gravitas (SSRN)
  • Price tag of North Carolina’s LGBT law: $3.76B (Associated Press)
  • Silicon Valley’s Quest to Live Forever (New Yorker); see also Want to live past 100? These centenarians share their secrets (PBS)
  • Is your commute worth the pain? The real cost of getting to work (Financial Times)
  • U.S. Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians (CNN); see also New documents show Trump aide laundered payments from party with Moscow ties, lawmaker alleges (Washington Post)
  • The Media Have Finally Figured Out How to Cover Donald Trump’s Lies (Slate)
  • What Russia’s Latest Protests Mean for Putin (the Atlantic); see also Anti-corruption demonstrations sweep across Russia (the Economist)

What are you reading?

CEO pay jumps  

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