Bona Fides, Better Hearings and Rex Tillerson

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Layna Mosley and David A. Singer at the Monkey Cage on how the Trump administration's immigration policies could cost the U.S. good jobs.

2. Dave Hopkins on Donald Trump and the conservative movement

3. Dan Drezner isn't happy with how Rex Tillerson is handling his job so far. 

4. Great idea here: Charles Ornstein at ProPublica fact-checks what members of Congress have been telling their constituents about health care

5. Dahlia Lithwick at Slate on the Neil Gorsuch hearings. Excellent, although as I've been saying, all Supreme Court nominees these days seem to have been manufactured in partisan labs. Gorsuch is only the latest. 

6. While my View colleague Noah Feldman urged Supreme Court nominees to do something radical -- say what they think. 

7. The Lawfare gang on what Devin Nunes was up to on Wednesday.

8. And Spencer Ackerman reports on the pressures on Muslims in the FBI

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