Early Returns

Surveillance, Strength and Bad Faith

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Molly Reynolds at Brookings on House Republicans and the health-care bill. 

2. Henry Farrell at the Monkey Cage questions Jennifer Stisa Granick about government surveillance

3. Dan Drezner notes one way Donald Trump's policies are hurting one U.S. strength. 

4. Good James Fallows item on the consequences of having a president no one believes about anything. There's a lot more to be said about this, but he has a good start. 

5. While Greg Sargent has a must-read about the "deep rot of bad faith" surrounding the administration. That's the thing about Trump and the people surrounding him: While you can compare this to other presidencies (see next item), it really is far different from anything we've seen, certainly in modern times. 

6. David Graham on the Bill Clinton and Trump transitions and their first 100 days. Hint: Pay attention to the things Leon Panetta says, not the things Mack McLarty says. 

7. Kevin Drum put together a chart of who gains (in taxes) from the Republican health-care bill. 

8. And Alyssa Rosenberg recommends Washington. I agree! It's an excellent city, and certainly a much better place to eat than when I lived there many years ago (not that my current home, San Antonio, has anything to complain about on that score). 

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