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Tech Busts, Climate Change and Facing Facts

Here are your morning reads.

We didn't get the foot-plus that was feared (on the North Shore of Long Island, we were hit with two-thirds of that) but it was still a mess. Our post-blizzard morning train reads:

  • Nice company. Be a shame if anything happened to it ... (New York Times)
  • Bill Ackman Is Done Losing Money on Valeant (Bloomberg View); see also Ackman's Valeant Bust Shows the Cost of Inconsistency (Bloomberg View)
  • The Corporate Welfare ETF: a new twist on the vice/not vice idea (CityWire)
  • Unemployment is falling almost everywhere. Wages aren’t rising much anywhere. (Bloomberg)
  • The Ghost Bosses: Private-equity firms have been rapidly buying and selling off companies for decades, and workers in Lancaster, Ohio, are living with the consequences. (the Atlantic)
  • Apple store creator Ron Johnson: “What I love is creating. I created the Apple stores, I helped reinvent Target. My strength is imagining.” (Recode)
  • For Most Cities, the Tech Boom Is a Bust (City Lab)
  • Pandora Premium: the original music streaming giant is ready for prime time (the Verge)
  • This Article Won’t Change Your Mind: The facts on why facts alone can’t fight false beliefs (the Atlantic)
  • Trump’s Defense Secretary Cites Climate Change as National Security Challenge (ProPublica)

What are you reading?

Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Rises at Record Rate

Source: Washington Post

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