Early Returns

Strategy, Approval and the Death of a Party

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Dave Hopkins on asymmetric polarization and the Republican health-care bill. 

2. David C. Barker at Vox on what to expect when politicians react to Democratic protests. Plausible, but I'm just not sure how well we can extrapolate from the past to the present. This time may well be different in important ways. Hard to be confident about it.

3. Dan Drezner continues to be unimpressed by the Donald Trump administration's strategic thinking. 

4. Charles Franklin on Trump's approval ratings. 

5. Philip Wallach at Brookings on how the Whigs died.

6. Philip Klein on the Republican health-care bill and the ideological argument behind it.

7. Sarah Kliff on the challenges for the Republican health-care bill in the Senate. If it gets that far. 

8. Jonathan Chait on what Mitch McConnell is up to on health-care reform. Plausible! 

9. And see also Brian Beutler on the Republican procedure on health-care reform

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