Early Returns

Democrats Behaving Badly and Buffy Turns 20

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Seth Masket at Pacific Standard makes the case for a Democratic filibuster against Neil Gorsuch

2. Jennifer Victor at Vox on mapping the Donald Trump-Russia scandal. 

3. The Fix's Aaron Blake on the claims the Trump administration made about the original travel ban.

4. Paul Krugman is correct about the Republican Party and governing

5. Some links for the Republican health-care bill: Start with Sarah Kliff at Vox describing the provisions of the American Health Care Act

6. Or see Jonathan Cohn and Jeffrey Young at the Huffington Post on the basics of the American Health Care Act.

7. Peter Suderman at Reason on whether the Republican bill is really Obamacare 2.0.

8. While Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner asks the very sensible question of whether benefit cuts scheduled in the bill for 2020 would ever really happen.  

9. And Alyssa Rosenberg on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" at 20

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