Early Returns

Technical Stuff and the Power of Architecture

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. David C. Barker, Kim L. Nalder and Jessica Newham at Vox on liberal and conservative protests.

2. Max Cohen de Lara and David Mulder van der Vegt at the Monkey Cage on architecture and legislatures

3. Julian Sanchez at Just Security has a good summary of what Donald Trump is alleging about wiretaps, why it's not supported by public evidence, and more. Lots of technical stuff here worth understanding. On the non-technical side, I'll add what some others are saying: The problem with the talk-radio conspiracy theories that the current president is echoing is that they require Barack Obama to have been entirely lawless in gathering information about Trump ... but then to have waited until after the election to use that information. Doesn't make sense at all.

4. Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare has some questions for the tweeter in chief.

5. Sarah Kliff has been watching the Republican health-care "replace" plans evolve, and the plans keep getting closer to the Affordable Care Act. 

6. And Matthew Dickinson on the Charles Murray episode at Middlebury College, Dickinson's campus.

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