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Investors See an Opportunity in North Africa

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Emerging-Market Investors Take a Shine to Egypt

Egypt has been struggling to resuscitate its economy since the 2011 revolution and 2013 coup, but finally, there’s reason for optimism. John Sfakianakis, director of economic research at the Gulf Research Center, explains why two recent developments look likely to reinvigorate the country’s manufacturing and tourism sectors.

China’s Hidden Risks Rise

China says it will rein in risky investment products, but you might want to remain skeptical. Michael Schuman says the government is stuck between two unappealing options: Impose losses on investors and risk triggering a bank run, or continue bailing them out and risk a problem that could swallow the economy whole.

France’s Farmers Are More Productive Than You Might Think

Strong agricultural regulations haven’t slowed down growth in France — in fact, just the opposite seems true. Reporting from the Salon International de l’Agriculture in Paris, Justin Fox examines how such a decidedly non-laissez-faire approach could result in so much decadent wine and cheese.

Trump, Russia, and a Watergate Veteran’s Deja Vu

“When you start seeing a big pushback and blaming it all on the media, you know there’s something there” — so says John Dean, who was White House counsel for Richard Nixon in 1973, and who knows a thing or two about political coverups. Dean and Albert R. Hunt consider the lessons the Watergate era holds for America’s current political moment.

The Incentive to Leak Is Right in the Constitution

At least, that’s the traditional liberal view of the First Amendment. With a constitutional clash over government leaks looming on the horizon, Noah Feldman revisits a half-century of Supreme Court jurisprudence.

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