How Mexico Could Win Trump's Trade War

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A Battle Plan for a Trade War

So, say Donald Trump starts a trade war with Mexico. What would stop Mexico from striking back — against Texas, Arizona, and other states that formed the bulwark of his support? Nearly 2 million jobs there are associated with exports, so Alejandro Silva and Alejandro Urbina say retaliatory tariffs would hit Trump where it hurts.

Can’t Stream Netflix? The Cloud May Be to Blame

Medium, Buzzfeed, Quora and a host of other websites went dark earlier this week because of a snafu at an Amazon data center; it turns out tens thousands of outages were caused by a single human error. With Amazon one of just four companies that dominate the cloud-computing market, Elaine Ou warns that increasing centralization also means growing risk.

The Resistance Will Have All the Proper Permits

Today’s protests are far less chaotic than than they were in the 1960s and early 1970s. Is that progress? In a way, of course; nobody wants violence. But Tyler Cowen fears that well-regulated activism is a sign that Americans have grown less dynamic and more risk-averse. 

Thou Shalt Not Buy Biblically Responsible ETFs

First came environmentally and socially conscious investing. Now there’s a “biblical values” ETF. But is faith-based investing wise? Not even if you buy Pascal’s wager, Barry Ritholtz says: Better to have faith in logic and separate your politics from your portfolio.

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