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Don't Laugh: The End of Capitalism May Be Nigh

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Time to Restart That Old Capitalism Death Watch

A German sociologist expects a long, messy period of Brexits and Trumps, and smart people are taking his crisis-of-capitalism analysis seriously. Justin Fox explains why a thinker indebted to Marx, Hegel, and the 14th-century historian Ibn Khaldun offers unusual insight into the global economic system.   

Why You Might Ditch Your Smartphone for a Dumb One

It was state-of-the-art back in 2000, and now it’s back: Nokia’s recently relaunched 3310 feature phone is cheap, simple, and pretty useless for social media. For Leonid Bershidsky, that’s a feature, not a bug: Retro tech seems like a pretty good cure for an epidemic of Facebook addiction.

A Fake-News Warning From a Former Propagandist

Today, Larry Martin is a retired professor in coastal Massachusetts. Decades ago, he was Ladislav Bittman, deputy commander for disinformation in communist Czechoslovakia. Faye Flam speaks to the professional media manipulator (turned journalism educator) about the many ways news can go awry. 

Democrats Should Back a Digital Border Wall

Donald Trump’s immigration policies may be costly and counterproductive, but at times it’s unclear what the opposition has to offer. If liberals stand for more than just open borders, Francis Wilkinson says, they’ll need to develop a humane, high-tech alternative for regulating traffic across the border. 

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