Early Returns

Anti-Semitism and the Conservative Cool Girl

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Kathleen Searles and Travis Ridout go through the research on emotions and politics. Great primer. 

2. Pablo Balan at the Monkey Cage on Kenneth Arrow.

3. Also at the Monkey Cage, Kerem Ozan Kalkan on Americans' dislike of Muslims. Depressing.

4. At the Upshot, Claire Cain Miller and Kevin Quealy report on a new survey of political scientists about the health of democracy in the U.S. 

5. Rich Lowry on why Republicans need more in the Oval Office than someone who will just sit around waiting to sign Paul Ryan's bills.

6. David Leonhardt on resurgent anti-Semitism in the U.S. Worth also pointing out the above-mentioned surge in bigotry against Muslims -- and that both Muslims and Jews have, individually and institutionally, been providing plenty of mutual support against the ugliness. 

7. Rumana Ahmed at the Atlantic on working in Donald Trump's White House.

8. And Alyssa Rosenberg on Kellyanne Conway.

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