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The Fog of War and Killing Capitalism

Here are your morning reads.

The sea was angry that day. Let our morning train beach reads cheer you up:

  • "You Have to Stop," Renaissance Technologies Exec Tells Boss About Trump Support (Wall Street Journal)
  • Passive investing is winning despite the fog of war (Monevator)
  • Grantham: 'Twas capitalism that killed capitalism (MacroBusiness); see also GMO Quarterly Letter 4Q 2016 (GMO)
  • Multiple Points of View (Collaborative Fund)
  • Transforming Your Basic Advantage Into a Basic Disadvantage (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • Why Apple Should Buy Netflix … Again! (Om)
  • Red state rural America is acting on climate change -- without calling it climate change (the Conversation)
  • Use of weaponized drones by ISIS spurs terrorism fears (Washington Post)
  • Trump has a problem: Americans increasingly think he's incompetent (Business Insider); see also Trump approval hits new low (the Hill)
  • U.S. life expectancy will soon be on par with Mexico’s and the Czech Republic’s (Washington Post)

What are you reading?

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