Early Returns

A Few (or More) Rounds of Golf With Trump

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Lorna Bracewell and Nancy D. Wadsworth at the Monkey Cage on having fun at protest marches.

2. Historians Julian Zelizer and Morton Keller talk about President Donald Trump. I'm with Zelizer. 

3. Jonathan Cohn at the Huffington Post on Obamacare, Paul Ryan and freedom.

4. Nate Cohn at the Upshot looks at the 2018 House election cycle

5. Matt O'Brien at Wonkblog on why a regular old-fashioned tax cut seems more likely than the tax reform Republicans have been talking about (although my guess is they'll call whatever they pass "tax reform" anyway). 

6. Aaron David Miller and Richard Sokolsky on the prospects for the State Department and Rex Tillerson

7. And Aaron Blake at the Fix on Trump and golf. I'm fine with hypocrisy and I think complaints about presidential vacationing are massively overblown; the job goes with presidents when they travel. If a president isn't going to spend enough time on the job, he can do it whether he's in Washington or anywhere else. On the other hand, Trump really is asking for it given his irresponsible attacks on Barack Obama, so what goes around (fair or not) comes around, I suppose.

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