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A Zombie Apocalypse and a 'Stew of Uncertainties'

Here are your morning reads.

I have accepted the role of secretary of morning reads in the new administration. Let's begin:

  • Welcome to Greenwich, China: Hedge funds didn’t exist in China five years ago. Now they have their own private village (Bloomberg)
  • Should Stocks Be Worth More Now Than They Used To Be? (Irrelevant Investor)
  • Beware Sears’s Zombie Apocalypse (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • You May Be Part of a Global Supply Chain (strategy+business)
  • Trump’s "Stew of Uncertainties" Puts Hedge-Fund Managers on Alert (Wall Street Journal); see also Chaos Candidate Becomes the Uncertainty President (Bloomberg View)
  • Bill Gates: New nationalism could put global health in danger (USA Today)
  • Why We Dig In (Reformed Broker); see also How being wrong can help us get it right (Financial Times)
  • "Drop dead, media!" Trump fans yelled -- then bought the local papers (Washington Post)
  • Aging gracefully: an idiot’s guide (the Guardian)
  • A German shepherd won the Westminster dog show for only the second time in 141 years. (Quartz)

What are you reading?

The Wealth Gap

Source: Slate

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