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Devaluing the Economists

Economics Gets a Presidential Demotion

Breaking with tradition, Trump has chosen not to include the head of the Council of Economic Advisers in his cabinet — just one more example of how economists’ prestige has declined in recent years. But Noah Smith sees some good that could come of this latest occupational humbling.  

Stop Telling Me How Dangerous My Bathtub Is!

We’ve all heard the statistic: Americans are more likely to die in the tub than in a terrorist attack. It’s technically accurate, but Justin Fox says it’s misleading. Here’s why you should bathe without fear (or maybe be more worried about terror). 

The Political Assassination of Mike Flynn

As new details emerge (seemingly by the hour) about the abrupt, shocking ouster of Donald Trump’s national security adviser this week, Eli Lake proffers a theory: Mike Flynn just was the appetizer. The president is the main course.

Amazon Hopes to Revolutionize Shipping (With Ships)

The Seattle-based giant seems to make delivery as easy as a click, but getting products from their point of manufacture (say, Shenzhen) to your nearest Amazon warehouse (say, in California) is still a long, inefficient slog. That’s why company is dipping its toes into the arcane world of freight forwarding — and if its modernization effort succeeds, Adam Minter says, it could transform the global shipping industry. 

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