Early Returns

A Brief Tour Through the Unusual and the Foolish

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. David Singer at the Monkey Cage on the independence of the Federal Reserve.

2. Robert Farley sees no method in Donald Trump's maneuverings. I agree.

3. Eric Ostermeier on the unusual 2018 election cycle.

4. Excellent Susan Glasser interview with Bob Corker, at Politico. 

5. Jared Bernstein on why humans deregulate foolishly.

6. Brad Plumer on the Environmental Protection Agency during the Trump administration.

7. Josh Marshall on the special elections this year. He's overstating their importance to some extent, but he's still correct that they're very much worth contesting for the Democrats. Little cost, and practically no downside. 

8. And among the many things the new administration can't manage to handle: routine White House tours. Emily Heil reports at the Washington Post. 

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