Teacher and pupil?

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A Better Form of Nationalism?

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What the American President Could Learn From Abe

When Shinzo Abe was elected prime minister of Japan, critics feared a terrifying reactionary was gaining power. Instead, he set the standard for responsible, positive modern nationalism — and could be a role model for Donald Trump, Noah Smith says.

Lessons From Mongolia’s Boom and Bust

It was once the fastest-growing economy in the world; now, it’s a cautionary tale on the steppe. The Bloomberg View editorial board examines how Mongolia’s financial situation went so wrong, so quickly (and how to set it right).

Donald Trump’s Credibility Gap Is Also the Nation’s

Trump supporters may not care about the new administration’s constant lying, but Angela Merkel certainly does. Francis Wilkinson considers what it means for geopolitics when the U.S. president simply can’t be trusted.

Mr. Trump, I’d Like to Introduce You to Andrew Jackson

Both vowed to clean up Washington and both rattled political elites, but about that’s where the similarities between the presidents end. Albert R. Hunt argues that Jackson’s populism was authentic, reflecting his life experiences, while all the evidence suggests Trump, the heir and TV star, is simply playing a role.

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