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Score One for the Judiciary

Maybe not the real winner.

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Judges to Trump: We Won’t Back Down

A federal court delivered a sharp blow to the Trump administration yesterday, effectively ending the president’s chaotic, contentious travel ban — at least for the time being. Noah Feldman’s takeaway? Attacking judges was a Trump strategy that seriously (and perhaps predictably) backfired.

Shocking Discovery: Americans Use Food Stamps to Buy More Food

Well, it’s surprising to some: According to economic dogma, “targeted benefits” like SNAP just encourage people to spend their money on other stuff. But as Noah Smith notes, new research suggests that isn’t quite true.

Spy Agencies Should Kick the Contractor Habit

Fugitive leaker Edward Snowden was one. So was Harold Martin, who’s alleged to have stolen a trove of information from the NSA. Bringing talented civilians into cyberintelligence work is tempting, Leonid Bershidsky says, but in practice it’s proved far too costly.

Don’t Let the U.K.’s Bar Tab Stall Brexit Negotiations

As disputes over money threaten to bog down Brexit talks, Mark Gilbert offers an analogy his countrymen may appreciate: The U.K. can’t leave the EU pub without paying for its round. But while Britain should acknowledge the cost of Brexit, the EU has its own obligations.

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