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Hustles, Tweets, Plots and Hedge Funds

Here are your morning reads.

In between shoveling and snowblowing, enjoy our 10- to 12-inch pile of morning train reads:

  • The Next American Farm Bust Is Upon Us (Wall Street Journal)
  • How Jimmy Iovine Plans to Take Apple Music to New Heights (Variety)
  • Trump’s Tweets Used to Decimate Companies’ Stock Prices. Why Didn’t Nordstrom’s Plummet? (Slate)
  • Silicon Valley Hedge Fund Takes On Wall Street With AI Trader (Bloomberg)
  • Sex doesn’t sell anymore, activism does. And don’t the big brands know it (the Guardian)
  • The Freedom To Be Fleeced: Making Financial Hustles Great Again (Daily Beast); see also Melania Expounds on Public Service, Trump-Style (Bloomberg View)
  • Why Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Work Without Immigrants (New York Times)
  • It’s Not Foreigners Who are Plotting Here: What the Data Really Show (Lawfare)
  • Why Stop At Rosie? "SNL" Should Have Women Play Trump’s Entire Administration (Huffington Post)

What are you reading?

Markets Don't Care About Corporate Earnings   

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