Early Returns

Executive Orders and Nuclear Options

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Sarah Binder at the Monkey Cage on the Elizabeth Warren flap

2. Meredith Conroy at FiveThirtyEight on overturning executive orders.

3. Steven Smith on the nuclear option in the Senate and what might be next after the Supreme Court fight. There are still strong incentives to leave the legislative filibuster as is, or at least close to as is, but we'll see what happens when Democrats sink a Republican priority. 

4. Mona Vakilifathi at the Monkey Cage on what we can learn from the Betsy DeVos confirmation fight.

5. Jacob Levy on the worse alternative to hypocrisy. Excellent.

6. Julian Zelizer on protests, Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. Worth looking at, but remember that Reagan's approval ratings during his first term followed the economy; while the protests were about foreign policy, Reagan's popularly went down during a deep recession and roared back in time for the 1984 election during a post-recession boom. So Trump may have an entirely different pattern; it's just too early to know. Meanwhile, it's worth noting that while Reagan did win by a huge landslide in 1984, he lost conservative control of the House in 1982 when he was quite unpopular. Again, a bit too early to predict the 2018 elections, but Trump's Republicans are likely to be damaged if his approval numbers stay weak. 

7. Brian Beutler at the New Republic has a plausible alternative to "repeal and rename" or "just pretend" as a way for Republicans to get past their Obamacare problems

8. And Greg Sargent on how the Democrats are going to lose, and lose and lose, and better be prepared for it.

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