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Why South Asia and West Africa Should Worry Apple

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Everything old is new again.

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Smartphones Have a Surprising New Rival

In emerging markets such as India and Ghana, the humble feature phone — that relic of the aughts, with its simple handset and small screen — is having a major revival. Adam Minter explains why industry heavyweights like Apple should be concerned.

The Bureaucrats’ Crisis of Legitimacy

How do you work for an administration that’s actively undermining you? That’s the latest quandary facing career federal employees in the U.S., but it’s hardly the first one: As Justin Fox notes, a fight over their proper role has been brewing for years.

Debating the Future of Dodd-Frank

Donald Trump wants to roll back most of a law designed to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. Do economists say yea or nay? Partners in vocation if not ideology, Tyler Cowen and Noah Smith offer their cost-benefit analyses.

Donald Trump, Paper Tiger

Republicans fear becoming the president’s next target, but there’s not much evidence his past victims suffered serious political damage. Jonathan Bernstein is ready to call Trump’s bluff.

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