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Unicorns, Guns and Normalcy

Hold on.

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Obama Should Thank Trump for Putting Iran on Notice

National security adviser Michael Flynn put Iran "on notice" this week in response to its ballistic missile test, before President Donald Trump imposed new sanctions Friday. The alarm over Flynn's statement was understandable, says Eli Lake, but a little unpredictability from Trump could save the nuclear deal and avert war in the Middle East.

Snapchat's Performance Doesn't Match IPO Hype

The parent company of Snapchat values itself at around $25 billion. But why, when the messaging app is less versatile, suffers from uneven global expansion and has some serious competition? It's unicorn hype at its grandest, Leonid Bershidsky says.

Trump's Illusion of Unusual Action

It may seem that the president has gotten off to a fast start, pushing through a flurry of executive orders and nominating a Supreme Court justice. But it turns out, says Jonathan Bernstein, that Trump's first couple of weeks have been ... perfectly normal.

Guns for the Mentally Incompetent

Despite broad support for background checks to improve gun safety, a new bill that would roll back a rule to prevent the mentally ill from obtaining guns got the go-ahead from the House of Representatives. But as the Editors point out, doing anything less would go against everything the NRA stands for.

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