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Contradictions, Good Ideas and Revenge Plots

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Some people shouldn't get too comfortable.

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'Trump Adviser' Is a Contradiction in Terms

Donald Trump has never been one to ask for advice outside a small circle of confidants. Timothy L. O'Brien says no one -- including Rex Tillerson and James Mattis -- should be surprised that he's maintaining his penchant for secrecy and seat-of-his-pants decision making as president.

Invest Smarter by Breaking Your Filter Bubble

Consumers of media: You're doing it all wrong. If you're an investor consuming news (yes, that means you), Barry Ritholtz urges you to be more circumspect about what you're reading.

Trump Had One Good Idea. Then He Ditched It.

Negotiating drug prices was a campaign promise that resonated with most Americans. Then Trump met with pharma execs, and now Joe Nocera is left mourning the one good idea Trump had.

Liberals Will Not Like How This Revenge Plot Ends

People are right to be upset about Trump's pick for the Supreme Court, says Megan McArdle. But seeking vengeance will only hurt an already vulnerable Democratic Party.

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