Disruptions, Bans, Processes and Nerds

Here are your morning reads.

It's Groundhog Day, where we get up and do it all over again tomorrow. No redos in our morning train reads:

  • ETFs Are Like Politics. The Radical Gets Normalized. (Bloomberg View)
  • Target Date Funds: What’s Under the Hood? (Center for Retirement Research)
  • Shooting Yourself in the Foot with Socially Responsible Investing (Alpha Architect); see also How corporations are changing our freshwater future (GreenBiz)
  • The Short Seller Who Crushed Valeant Has Picked His Next Target (Bloomberg)
  • The biggest disruptive threat to venture capital is when the very best founders realize they do not need VCs (Bryce)
  • The Corporate Reaction to the Muslim Ban Has Been Feeble. Here Are Four Companies That Did It Right. (Slate)
  • This is Why You Need a Process (Wealth of Common Sense)
  • How Immigrants Have Made America a Leader in Technology Innovation (Chronicle of Higher Education); see also Why Do We Expect Silicon Valley to Reject Trump? (New York)
  • Imperial melting pot: how a new book reveals the remarkable history of Istanbul (New Statesman)
  • Matt Ryan: Revenge of the Quarterback Nerd (Wall Street Journal)

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Facebook’s Growth Looks Unstoppable (For Now)

Source: Fortune

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