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Neil Gorsuch and the Supreme Court: What You Need to Know

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C'mon, hear him out.

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Trump Chose His Justice. Now, Will He Ever Be Confirmed?

Not many people were surprised when Donald Trump nominated federal judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court last night; in fact, Noah Feldman predicted it several months ago. The real question is: Will Democrats, still smarting from Republicans’ refusal to hold hearings on Obama nominee Merrick Garland, play ball?

Let’s hope the answer’s yes. The Bloomberg View editorial board urges Senate Dems to give Gorsuch a fair hearing — not because Republicans deserve the courtesy, but because democracy demands it — while Feldman describes Gorsuch as a conservative that liberals could learn to live with. (On a darker note, Stephen Carter sees the reality-TV trappings of Trump’s announcement as part of a larger assault on the dignity of the court.)

The Kansas Model for Voter-Fraud Bluffing

If Trump wants a federal investigation into election fraud, perhaps he should consult with one of his campaign advisers, Kris Kobach. The Kansas secretary of state launched a similar probe in 2015, and as Francis Wilkinson notes, he turned up a whole lot of nothing.

ETFs Explain How Radical Ideas Get Normalized

Just like exotic investments, out-there opinions are just a click away — and as exchange-traded funds continue to rock the financial world, Joe Weisenthal sees a striking political parallel.

Another Small City Loses Another Corporate Headquarters

Caterpillar Inc. — long the pride of Peoria, Illinois — is following the money (and the people who have it) to Chicago, where it plans to open its new global headquarters. Although Caterpillar isn’t abandoning Peoria, Justin Fox views the move as a microcosm of a larger trend that’s pulling the U.S. apart.

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