Early Returns

Flip-Flops, Crises and the Case for Steve Bannon

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Matthew Dickinson makes the case for Steve Bannon on the National Security Council. Interesting, from one who knows the presidency well. I think Bannon being in the White House at all is both a disgrace and a mistake by Donald Trump -- but Dickinson has a good argument for Bannon, if he's going to be there, having a formal role. 

2. Sarah Kliff sees the path for Trump to flip-flop on his Obamacare commitments

3. Matt Yglesias is correct that the Trump administration is ill-prepared for a real crisis.

4. Juliet Eilperin, Lisa Rein and Marc Fisher on anti-Trump federal workers. It's absolutely true that federal workers tend to be Democrats -- but it appears that this is something not seen during the Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush or George W. Bush administrations. 

5. On Sally Yates, the holdover acting attorney general fired by Trump, two solid items with different conclusions. First, Jack Goldsmith at Lawfare thinks Yates made the wrong call ...

6. ... while Marty Lederman at Just Security says Yates got it right

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