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The Dumb Money Isn’t Looking So Dumb These Days

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Retail Investors Adapt, Adapt, Adapt 

Individual investors haven’t abandoned the stock market; they've just gotten smarter about it. Barry Ritholtz explains how the financial crisis changed the mindset of a generation.

The Growing Burden of the Trump Tax

Trade barriers, immigration restrictions and especially political uncertainty — all take a toll on growth and investment. Justin Fox says business leaders should be alert to the substantial (and mounting) costs Donald Trump’s policies and behavior will impose on the U.S. economy.

Uber Tries to Stand Up to Trump By Working With Him

A famous CEO has lots of workers hurt by the president’s ill-conceived travel ban. He’s also one of that president’s economic advisers. Tim O’Brien welcomes Uber founder Travis Kalanick to Trumplandia, the challenging new world that corporate execs suddenly live in.

On the Travel Ban, It’s Donald Versus the World (Well, Most of It)

U.S. allies, international travelers, green-card holders and global businesses can’t plan against a background of officially sanctioned chaos, and they’re not even the worst affected by Trump’s executive order. Clive Crook is struck by the “sheer blithering incompetence” of its rollout, while Noah Feldman calls it an attack on religious liberty that could very likely be found unconstitutional. Meanwhile, Francis Wilkinson checks in with the pro-immigrant advocacy groups gearing up for a fight with the new administration.

How Science Ruined Tomatoes (and How It Can Fix Them)

It’s not just nostalgia but scientific fact: Tomatoes used to taste a lot better than they do today. Faye Flam investigates why the salad staple lost its sweet-savory flavor in the latter half of the 20th century, and how some plant biologists and biochemists hope to bring it back.

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