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Fudging Numbers and Unlocking Codes

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  • Treasury Bills Outperform Most Stocks -- Say What??? (Alpha Architect); see also Do Stocks Outperform Treasury Bills? (SSRN)
  • Stock Markets and the Rule of Law (Reformed Broker)
  • China’s Bond Market Has a Forgery Problem (Bloomberg Businessweek); see also Will China Have a Financial Crisis: The Bull Growth Case (Balding's World)
  • For some looking to dump Uber, the #deleteUber campaign simply sealed the deal (Recode)
  • Statisticians fear Trump White House will manipulate figures to fit narrative (the Guardian); see also Why I’m Concerned About the Independence of U.S. Statistical Agencies (Political Arithmetick)
  • Restaurants are seeing their profits devoured by landlords and labor costs (Crain's New York)
  • Biologists unlock code regulating most human genes (Science Daily); see also Why it’s a big deal that AI knows how to bluff in poker (MIT Technology Review)
  • Building to the Sky, With a Plan for Rising Waters (New York Times)
  • To Fight the Winter Blues, Try a Dose of Nature (Wall Street Journal); see also Get Up and Move. It May Make You Happier. (New York Times)
  • This photographer shot more than 100 famous people in two years. These are his favorites. (Washington Post)

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A Year of Risk

Source: Bloomberg

Source: Bloomberg

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