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So, About That ‘Special Relationship’...

The new American president met with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday, raising a vexing question: Can Donald Trump win friends and influence people? In a world where international alliances are critical, the Bloomberg View editorial board says the answer will determine the success (or failure) of the new administration’s foreign policy. Meanwhile, Eli Lake credits Trump for not overpromising on a much-anticipated trade agreement between the two countries. 

Trump’s Long Embrace of ‘Alternative Facts’

“Truthful hyperbole.” “Mental projections.” Decades before he ran for president, Donald Trump was developing a rich lexicon of euphemisms for falsehood. Biographer Tim O’Brien takes stock of his contributions to language and epistemology.

A Letter to Trump: Some Advice on Week Two

One week down, another 207 to go — but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Stephen L. Carter says the next week holds three anniversaries — from the Mexican Revolution, the Cold War, and basketball history — that offer lessons for a busy president.

How an Ingenious GOP Tax Plan Managed to Baffle Everyone

House Republicans’ idea for a “border-adjusted tax” was clever, all right ... maybe too clever for its own good. Ramesh Ponnuru explains how a plan with some very smart supporters fell victim to the special chaos of policy-making in the Trump administration.

When the Algorithms Come for Our Children

Computers might help root out child abuse, but only if we recognize their limitations. Cathy O’Neil warns that programs designed to improve decision-making in the child welfare system — like one now being tested in Los Angeles County — can end up obscuring difficult issues of inequality, privacy and justice. 

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