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Why Donald Trump’s Staff Is Lying

The White House press secretary got off to an inauspicious start this week, making several false statements during his first official news conference (which another staffer then defended as “alternative facts”). This was no accident, Tyler Cowen argues — rather, it was a loyalty test to Trump and a proclamation of his power.

How Companies Can Gird for a Trump Twitter Attack

The new president has already gone after Boeing, Amazon and General Motors, among other businesses and brands. Could your company be next? Kara Alaimo explains how to ward off Trump’s wrath in five easy steps. 

Why America Has a Monopoly on Jobless Recoveries 

Most rich countries hire back workers after a recession. The U.S. replaces them with machines. Noah Smith says American policy-makers could create a healthier, more humane economy by seeking out inspiration abroad. (Though perhaps not in France, where Leonid Bershidsky is unimpressed by a new push to tax robots.)

How to Make the Poor Poorer

Michael Schuman says the Trump trade agenda threatens the developing world’s greatest source of wealth, and could very well reverse three decades of global economic progress.

The U.K.’s Threat to Weaponize Tax is No Bluff

Britain is already cutting corporate taxes, and Brexit may mean they head even lower. Mark Gilbert cautions the European Union not to underestimate the risk.

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