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A Score Card for Donald Trump

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17 Metrics to Watch in the Trump Era

Will the Rust Belt add jobs? Will deficit spending rise? Will searches for “move to Canada” level off? Noah Smith, Tyler Cowen, Virginia Postrel and more offer metrics for gauging the new president’s progress (which, naturally, we’ll track in the coming months). 

Trump Pledges to Be President — of His Supporters

Extravagant promises, bombastic threats, campaign clichés: Donald Trump’s inauguration address sounded like his stump speeches, and it was just as likely to win over Democrats. Jonathan Bernstein calls it a missed opportunity, and warns he won’t have many more.

Trump Echoes, and Subverts, John F. Kennedy

The president’s call for an “America-first” foreign policy was a striking departure from past priorities ... yet as rhetoric, it had a remarkably familiar ring. Noah Feldman considers why Trump might choose to mimic JFK while repudiating his internationalist vision of the world. 

Welcome to Trump’s America. Start Digging the Moat.

Isolationism like we haven’t seen before. Such great isolationism. Just terrific! Megan McArdle girds herself for life in a diminished America, where leaders no longer lead and voters seem ever-less-enamored of liberal democracy. 

And the Tweet Goes On

Trump once said he’d become "so presidential" that he’d bore people, but the carnival atmosphere surrounding him hasn’t died down yet. Margaret Carlson makes sense of the 45th president’s ongoing, and perhaps eternal, “failure to pivot.”

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