Inaugurations, Ethics and Good Governance

Jonathan Bernstein is a Bloomberg View columnist. He taught political science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University and wrote A Plain Blog About Politics.
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1. Richard Skinner at Time on the evolution of presidential inaugurations. 

2. Janet Eom at the Monkey Cage looks at trade and China, Africa and the U.S.

3. Lee Drutman and Kevin Kosar ask a great question: Does Congress really want to govern? At Real Clear Policy. 

4. A useful history of the presidential cabinet from Jesse Greenspan.

5. My Bloomberg View colleague Timothy L. O'Brien on Donald Trump and ethics watchdogs.

6. More on Trump's ethics problems from Richard Painter and Norman Eisen.

7. Brad DeLong on secular stagnation.

8. Julie Appleby and Mary Agnes Carey on what could disappear if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

9. And David Leonhardt on the electoral effects of Barack Obama. Also on Obama's side: It's easier to lose seats when your party begins (after the 2006 elections) with a majority. Against him: I'm pretty sure the state-level statistics look quite a bit worse for Democrats.

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