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Farewell to the Chief

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Our Columnists Assess Obama's Presidency

President Obama said farewell to the nation on Tuesday night. Nineteen columnists for Bloomberg View marked the highlights and lowlights of his eight years.

Advice, Consent, Etc.

The next president's nominees are parading through a confirmation process this week that Jonathan Bernstein assures us is not as pointless as it looks. (Advice matters, right? So says Tim Weiner, chronicling a history of unpopular input from the CIA.)

High Inflation and Low Rates

It's a recipe for pain for Germany's many savers. And, Leonid Bershidsky points out, that spells trouble for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Long Arm of U.S. Law

When you're in Asia look behind you, because that's where the marshal's gonna be. Noah Feldman sees a new application of the Commerce Clause as ... ambitious.

Ritholtz’s Reads

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Bloomberg Gadfly

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