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Market Failures and the Not-So-Invisible Hand

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When Bad Things Happen to Good Markets

Advocates of government intervention in the economy can't always explain why the market needs help, but experience often proves them right. Noah Smith explains. As best he can.

Beijing's Best Response to Trump

The sort of protectionism proposed by President-Elect Donald Trump is a recipe for disaster in the Chinese economy. Michael Schuman sees a way out for Beijing: to end its own protectionism.

Skeptics of Intel Will Get Their Turn

Some Trump backers who question the 2016 election report will soon be privy to all its details. Eli Lake writes that either they or President Obama will be vindicated.

The Enemy of My Enemy

Obama tried emphasizing that Islamic State is not really Islamic. Trump tries to do the opposite and tie terrorism closely to the religion. There's a better way to talk about terror and Islam, says Kara Alaimo.

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  • English Is the Language of Science. That Isn’t Always a Good Thing. (Smithsonian)

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