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Market Crashes and Cautionary Tales

Here are your morning reads.

Start your day with the finest morning train reads in the land (except in London):

  • How a week of tweets by Trump stoked anxiety, moved markets and altered plans (Washington Post)
  • How Market Crashes Happen (Wealth of Common Sense)
  • Is Europe Disintegrating? (New York Review of Books)
  • Cheering and Fearing the Post-Trump Rally (Barron’s)
  • Magic Eludes Bubble-Caller Jeremy Grantham, as Assets at GMO Drop by More Than $40 Billion (Wall Street Journal)
  • Kansas Offers Cautionary Tale for Trump’s Tax Ambition (Bloomberg)
  • Tren’s Griffin’s Advice for Twitter (25iq)
  • In Rebuke of Tennessee Governor, Koch Group Shows Its Power (NBC News)
  • English Is the Language of Science. That Isn’t Always a Good Thing: How a bias toward English-language science can result in preventable crises, duplicated efforts and lost knowledge (Smithsonian)
  • Just how smart is an octopus? (Washington Post)

Inside Sears’s death spiral

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