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Dow 20,000 Is a Big Number, Not a Big Deal

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Just a Numbers Game

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been flirting with the 20,000-point mark. Should you care about the Dow? Should you care about the 20,000 mark? Mohamed A. El-Erian mostly doesn't.

It's About Abortion, Not Science

House Republicans' bid to stop research that uses human fetal tissue is not an empty threat. But, according to the editorial board of Bloomberg View, it doesn't contain much science.

A Voice for Sensible Limits on Immigration

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas is becoming the leading proponent of restricting immigration, saying that low-skilled immigrants drive down wages for some Americans. There's a downside to keeping them out, but Ramesh Ponnuru says that's a trade worth making.

Indian Nationalism Over Democracy

Noah Feldman laments the ruling by the Supreme Court of India that exacerbates the country’s religious and caste divisions.

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