Early Returns

What the Obamacare Battle Could Teach Trump

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Craig Volden and Alan Wiseman at the Monkey Cage on how House Republicans have diminished the importance and effectiveness of their own committee chairs. 

2. Dan Drezner on being Donald Trump's Walter Lippmann.

3. Harold Pollack on the important signal the American Medical Association is sending about "repeal and delay." 

4. Bloomberg's Steven Dennis on what the Obamacare fight might teach Trump about Congress.

5. My Bloomberg View colleague Kara Alaimo has advice for Treasury secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin on how to get confirmed. 

6. And Rob Goodman at Politico on political norms. I agree in part, disagree in part, but it's interesting enough to recommend. One big addition: If he thinks "the job of liberals and progressives in a post-norm politics is so difficult," then it's worth pointing out that the job of (real) conservatives is even more challenging -- and that everyone who cares about the health of U.S. democracy should be as supportive as they can be of conservatives who reject Trumpism (or, really, those who reject the legacy of Newt Gingrich, of which Trump is only the consequence). 

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