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The Progress Paradox

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Why Progress Doesn’t Always Feel Like Progress

Trapped in a cramped seat during a commercial flight, Justin Fox found himself pining for the days of rail travel: Sure, the NYC-to-Chicago trip would last 25 hours in a Pullman car, but wouldn’t it be elegant? As it happens, this type of backward-looking romanticism is far more rational than it seems.  

Kissinger’s Washington Is Coming Back Around

Surprise! The president-elect campaigned as a populist, but he’s seeking help from a mainstay of the global elite. Eli Lake reports on foreign-policy fixture Henry Kissinger’s encore with the Trump administration.

What the Obama Jobs Recovery Tells Us

The last eight years featured steep employment losses as well as huge gains, with some parts of the labor market still “abnormal” nearly a decade after the financial crisis. Mohamed A. El-Erian takes away three main lessons from the period, and offers thoughts on what’s likely to come.  

A Little Optimism About the Future of Retirement

Millennial workers are saving, and most retirees say they are living comfortably. Amid all the sturm und drang about 401(k)s lately, Ramesh Ponnuru demands to know: Where’s the crisis? 

Sex Offender Lockup Should Trouble Court More

A civil-liberties nightmare is unfolding out in Minnesota, where offenders who have already served their sentences can still be still dealt a “one-way ticket to permanent confinement.” Noah Feldman raises a constitutional red flag. 

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