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Innovations, Black Swans and Artificial Intelligence

Here are your morning reads.

Your post-Fed-minutes morning train reads:

  • America’s Roster of Public Companies Is Shrinking: Private capital, IPO slump and merger boom cause listings to plunge (Wall Street Journal)
  • Americans Are Putting Billions More Than Usual in Their 401(k)s (Bloomberg)
  • How Amazon innovates in ways that Google and Apple can’t (Vox); see also Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System (Stratechery)
  • Buffett looks for these 3 traits in people when he hires them (Business Insider)
  • Lessons from a Legendary Short Seller (CFA Institute)
  • Barclays considers Elon Musk a potential commodity "black swan" of 2017 (Alphaville); see also China Goes on $26 Trillion Commodity Binge as Shortages Seen (Bloomberg)
  • What to expect of artificial intelligence in 2017 (MIT Technology Review)
  • Mossberg: The Trump effect on Tech (Recode)
  • How Adlai Stevenson Stopped Russian Interference in the 1960 Election (Smithsonian.com)
  • The 50 funniest films … chosen by comedians (the Guardian); see also The best 100 films of the 21st century, according to film critics around the world (Quartz)

What are you reading?

Distressed Sales of U.S. Homes Fall

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