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America Is Running Low on Americans

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Make America Mate Again

As U.S. population growth slows, economic expansion may suffer — especially if the next administration cracks down on legal immigration. Stephen Mihm says a homemade baby boom may be America’s only hope against decline in the Trump years.

The 401(k) Problem We Refuse to Solve

There’s a backlash brewing against 401(k)s, but Megan McArdle warns that all retirement plans suffer from the same fundamental flaw: No one saves enough.

Obama’s Low-Key Successes in Latin America

When it comes to foreign policy, sometimes less is more. Mac Margolis says Obama’s strong legacy in the Americas is evidence that alternatives to activist diplomacy work. 

Memo to Rex Tillerson: How to Get Yourself Confirmed

The Exxon Mobil CEO (and aspiring secretary of state) will face tough questions about Russia, climate change and foreign policy during his confirmation hearings next week. Kara Alaimo, a veteran of congressional-hearing prep, offers a few tips for success. (Hint: Sound substantive. Avoid substance.) 

Active-Investment Management Never Went Away

Barry Ritholtz says news of active management’s death — and resurrection — has been greatly exaggerated. And while stock pickers have their place, there’s no excuse for high fees and under-performance. 

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