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Reinventing the Work Week in Japan

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Japan Takes On Its Workaholics

Spending endless hours at the office hurts productivity and makes it hard to raise children, which an aging Japan desperately needs. Noah Smith explains why days of the exhausted salaryman nodding off on the midnight train might soon be gone for good.

Want a Bold 2017 Prediction? Nothing Will Change

The new global populism is powerful, but it's facing an even stronger status quo: one of weak banking systems, moribund demand, slowing global trade and changing demographics. Satyajit Das says the new year may prove less disruptive than you think.

Delivery Drones and the Future of Work

Never mind Brexit or the election of Donald Trump — last year's biggest economic turning point may have occurred in December, when a little flying robot made the first drone delivery for The Bloomberg View editorial board says the automation revolution will require rethinking everything from immigration to regulation, taxes to the welfare state. 

Republicans Face a Dangerous First 100 Days

President Trump and his congressional majority hope to make a dizzying number of changes by the end of April — confirming a new Supreme Court justice, clearing a huge infrastructure measure, slashing taxes for the wealthy, cutting domestic programs for the poor, cracking down on immigration, and doing something about Obamacare — all without alienating constituents, or each other. Albert R. Hunt tallies up the risks.

Hacking Democratic Rules Isn’t Good Government

Did you hear about the long-shot plan for Democrats to confirm Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court on Jan. 3? It's about as realistic as that oddball scheme to mint a trillion-dollar platinum coin a few years back, but perhaps more worrisome. Megan McArdle warns that governing by procedural hacks — as opposed to politics or policy — has grown increasingly common. 

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