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Don’t Let the U.S. Lose That Loving Feeling

As an increasingly divided country acts like a couple on the brink of divorce — grievances building, rancor growing, disputes escalating — Megan McArdle offers relationship advice to help red and blue America reconcile in the new year.

Drunken Monkeys and the Evolution of Boozing

If you find yourself imbibing on New Year’s Eve, why not raise a toast to your primate ancestors? Faye Flam explains how they learned to like alcohol 10 million years ago.

A New Year’s Eve App to Fight Drowsy Driving

Too little sleep is as dangerous as too much to drink. But never fear — wearable technology to the rescue! Virginia Postrel provides a preview of the safety innovations we may take for granted in 2018. 

Here's What's Going to Happen in 2017

The bad: a return of the Cold War. The good: a return of Star Wars. Stephen L. Carter offers a baker’s dozen of predictions to mark the start of a new year. (Check back in 12 months for accountability’s sake.)

I Hereby Resolve ...

Ever the devotee of self-improvement, Justin Fox shares a quintet of smart New Year’s resolutions for a more focused, generous and productive 2017.  

Ritholtz’s Reads

  • Many of 2016’s recession warning signs turned out to be false alarms (WSJ)
  • New York’s incredibly expensive new subway explains why we can’t have nice things (Business Insider)
  • The golden era of hedge funds draws to a close with clients in revolt (Bloomberg)

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