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Escape From New York (and California)

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The States That Create Jobs But Lose Workers

California and New York are job-growth powerhouses, but they’re losing residents to states with much softer labor markets. Justin Fox wonders why workers are fleeing to where the jobs aren’t. (One clue: Have you ever tried to rent in New York City?)

Fact-Checking’s Infinite Regress Problem

So Facebook is relying on experts to stop fake news from spreading. Great! But who will fact-check the fact-checkers? And who will fact-check themMegan McArdle says a Roman poet saw this problem coming almost 2,000 years ago. 

The Next Big Climate-Change Battle Starts in the Developing World

Donald Trump doesn’t hold the future of the environment in his hands — India and China do. But Noah Smith says the U.S. can do a lot to keep them from repeating the West’s industrial-era mistakes.

Trump’s Win Was Unusual, But Hardly ‘Historic’

Three presidential elections realigned politics for a generation. This latest one probably won’t. Albert R. Hunt explains why (contrary to the Trump camp’s claims) historians will see 2016 as a blip on the radar.

Forget Mars. America Needs a New Moon Mission.

As China, Russia, Japan and the European Union pour resources into lunar exploration, Obama’s goal of sending astronauts to Mars seems like a costly error. Adam Minter says there’s a perfectly good space destination (stocked with gold, platinum, iron and even water) right in our backyard.

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