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The Hidden Cost of the Free-Market Age

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Work Is About Dignity, Not Just Money

For decades, economists promoted market efficiency at the expense of jobs that provide a sense of self-worth ... and look where that strategy’s gotten us. Noah Smith argues that America should return to a social compact with work at its core.

Tokenism Won’t Win Over Chinese Moviegoers

It was the costliest U.S.-Chinese film collaboration ever, but not even Matt Damon could save “The Great Wall” from weak ticket sales and scathing reviews. Adam Minter says that if Hollywood wants to make its mark on China, it’ll need to pander less and invest in local talent more.

Woe to Those Disrupted by Amazon

Once upon a time, Amazon was something very quaint: a bookseller. Not anymore. Barry Ritholtz says the Seattle-based giant’s real business is spotting and exploiting market inefficiencies, even if it occasionally sells a paperback or two.

Two Books That Diagnosed Trump Before Trump

If you’re still struggling to understand this chaotic moment in U.S. history, Francis Wilkinson has some holiday reading for you: Robert P. Jones’s “The End of White Christian America” and David Runciman’s “The Confidence Trap: A History of Democracy in Crisis from World War I to the Present.”

The Annual Kitchen Gift Guide for a Brave New World

New look, new products, same annual tradition: Megan McArdle helps you find the perfect present for every cook you know (and prevents embarrassment with her equally useful what-not-to-buy lists).

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