Donald Trump's First National-Security Crisis

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Must-read: Elizabeth Saunders at the Monkey Cage thinks through Donald Trump's first national-security crisis.

2. Dan Drezner on a foreign policy based on cutting deals. 

3. Theda Skocpol on the Republican attack on public health-care programs. Fair questions, but I think the biggest is whether any Republican politicians will stand up for their constituents who will be harmed by these proposals.

4. Jon Kingsdale at Vox jumps on the "rename" bandwagon for how Republicans should deal with Obamacare. (Yes, I still want credit for -- as far as I know -- originating this idea years ago.) 

5. Josh Barro has a nice item suggesting a worker-based agenda for the Democrats. 

6. The Economist has a nice tour of U.S. friends around the world as they look at Trump and wonder

7. Kevin Drum has no compassion for some of those who were duped by Trump.

8. And Philip Rucker and Karen Tumulty on what Trump is looking for when hiring for his administration. Yes, if this is true, it's as scary as you think it is.

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