Early Returns

Breaking Norms, Shifts and Bipartisanship

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. James M. Curry and Frances Lee at the Monkey Cage on bipartisanship in Congress -- and why "regular order" isn't the way to get more of it. Nice corrective to conventional wisdom. 

2. Dan Hopkins at FiveThirtyEight has some evidence of voting shifts at the very end of the campaign.

3. Dan Drezner on preserving the international order.

4. Good Ed Kilgore on the now-certified totals for the 2016 presidential election. That Donald Trump's win was, basically, a fluke doesn't take away from its legitimacy, but it remains true nevertheless. And Kilgore is correct that an election this close means that any number of things could have flipped the result. Which will lead to arguments going on forever. 

5. David Leonhardt on breaking norms. I generally agree, and I'm very glad to see this plain fact more widely reported -- but do keep in mind that just because Republicans have sometimes gained from breaking norms (most notably by depriving Democrats of a Supreme Court seat), that doesn't mean that all norm-breaking is rewarded, even in the short run. 

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